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20 June 1974
North Carolina, United States
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anime, ben and kevin, benedict cumberbatch, bill kaulitz, cooking, crafts, deadliest catch, fanfiction, fullmetal alchemist, gardening, ghosts, gurren lagann, inuyasha, jethro gibbbs, junjou romantica, katekyo hitman reborn, mark harmon, martin freeman, michael weatherly, naruto, naruto and sasuke, ncis, reading, sherlock, slash, slashfic, tibbs, tokio hotel, tokio hotel fanfiction, tom kaulitz, tony dinozzo, writing, yaoi
My journal's gonna be full of completely random stuff... my life, my interests, what's annoying the crap out of me lately. If I'm lucky I might post some of my fics here. As for the liking of stuff, I listen to just about everything music-wise. I like mystery and science shows on tv, romances and scifi too. Same for the books I read. My writing follows my current interests, but my heart is currently in fanfic, with some anime, NCIS, and Sherlock as my focus. It's where I hide from the annoyances of the world, find my little happy place...
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